10 Cancer Symptoms That Most People Ignore

Considering the possibility that you may have cancer is downright overwhelming and terrifying. Yet it is just as important that you stay vigilant and get any possible symptoms and signs checked away instantly. Here are 10 common cancer symptoms that most people ignore, but actually are a call for action.

Change in Bowel Habits

If there is a mass impeding the passing of stool in your colon, this can result in uneasy bowel movement as well as larger than usual or deformed stool. As this can be a sign of colon cancer, you might need to schedule a colonoscopy to check things out and be sure, so call your doctor right away.

Change in Urinary Habits

A sudden and drastic change in your urinary routines or appearance of blood in urine can be a clear sign of cancer. It can also be a symptom of urinary tract infection so make sure to check that out first before you hit the big panic button.

Persistent Cough

Not all coughs are cancer induced, but the only way to check and make sure yours is much harmless is to visit the doctor and get the required scans. Undue hoarseness, or a particularly cacophonous cough, that is persistent or accompanied by blood clearly signals trouble.

Persistent Difficulty in Swallowing

If you are having difficulty swallowing without any real explanation as to why, you might want to see your doctor at the earliest. Esophageal and Neck cancer can both make it hard to ingest usual food, and while eating softer foods might bring relief this is far from a solution to the matter at hand.

Changing Moles

It is a good idea to get regularly screened for skin cancer if you tend to spend a good deal of time outdoors. Having said that, keep an eye out for new marks and moles or those that seem to change shape or appearance; not all such occurrences indicate melanoma but some might well do.

Unexplained Lumps

A lump that appears out of nowhere or a lump changing shape and form are a clear sign that necessitate action. While this could simply be a cyst, this is a possibility you want only your doctor to officially rule out. Especially of relevance when noticed in the breast area.

Sores that Refuse to Heal

A typical sore takes no more than three weeks for the body to heal; therefore if you have sores that have been around for any longer, this can be a clear sign of cancer. Make sure to get it medically checked up.

Unexplained Pains

Unexplained and persistent pains, while sometimes perfectly natural, can just as easily be a sign of serious trouble. No matter where you experience this pain in your body, a proper check up at the doctor's is due to ensure whether or not anything major is responsible.

Undue Weight Loss

Serious weight loss, while your grandest of dreams, when unexplained can be a sign of malignancy or a tumor. Don't waste any time and consult your doctor at the earliest- this time it may not be cause to celebrate.

Undue Bleeding

Bleeding, when unexplained is never a good sign; don't just ignore it. Unexpected bleeding outside your usual menstrual cycle can be a sign of cervical cancer, while anal bleeding may signal colon cancer.


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